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We had the pleasure of listening and dancing to the great music of RB & The Gang at our New Year's Eve party last night. This group gets you up & dancing. This gifted group of musicians and singers are fantastic!

Ray Wadwanski


Hello Ray:
I want you to know that our members enjoyed your performance last evening very much. I have not heard such a positive response in my 6 years of managing the New Englanders Club of Kings Point.
Please let all the performers with R B and The Gang hear that their appearance in The Veterans Theater was enthusiastically supported. A tribute to your leadership with the arrangements.
Thank You,

Ron Leombruno, President

Went and saw RB & The Gang on June 24, 2016, what a great concert. They play all dance music we all know and enjoy so much. One of the best concerts I have been to in a long time where I enjoyed all the songs and music. They played for 90 minutes without a break, that is a long time and very unusual for a band to play that long. If you like dance music from the 50's, 60's 70's and 80's I would highly recommend you going and seeing them they are a great group to listen too and put on a great concert. From 1 to 10 I will give them a 20 plus. That is how great RB & The Gang is.

Sue Bruno Loggins



"Wonderful performers..should be in Las Vegas.."

Dorothy Petrunio Dunaway 


"A group of us went to see RB & the Gang at the Methodist Church in Sun City Center.  All I can say is, WOW!!!  The 90 minutes for the show just flew right by.  Before you knew it, the show was over and everyone was begging for more.  It was just pure, non-stop fun with great, timeless music for everyone. The voices & band were incredible and they continued on from one song to the next.  Seemed like every age group was there, from pre-teen to folks in their 90’s and EVERYONE was singing & bopping to the music.  How fun!!  Looking forward to their next show!!  I am a definite fan!!"

Ginny S

“R. B. & The Gang have performed for The Oldies But Goodies Dance Club in Sun City Ctr., FL  to a full house each time. We can't wait to have them back. The music and the performers are fantastic.”

Joanne Baskinger

Oldies But Goodies President

Oldies But Goodies Dance Club

"Great sound Gang, loved the group."

Dominick Galati

 …” was as at your performance tonight at United Methodist Church it was outstanding. The church was packed and enjoyed by all.”  


“Went to the concert tonight, it was great!”   


…” was at your performance tonight at United Methodist Church. It was outstanding…Hey was dancing to your beautiful music up back with a bunch of girls. Enjoyed much!!”   


“People were hoping for an encore. I couldn’t get enough! Didn’t want it to end.”  

Peter B.


"I just want to tell you what a great job you guys did tonight...I really enjoyed it.  You did a great job!  Thank you!"

Jerry C.

"You were fabulous!"

Barb B.

"Best concert ever!  Well done, Fabuous...!"

Gary K. 


"The band played at our dance club in SCC for the first time. The dance floor was full for three hours and if you weren't dancing, they were great to listen to. They only took a short break once. Hope they return soon!!"

Linda M. 

"One of the best groups that I've heard in Sun City Center since I arrived almost 10 years ago. Keep up the good work and keep playing locally."

Marcia K.


"Listening to the "Oldies" reminds me how time flies.......what a wonderful time with songs and dance....the evening went by very quickly!"

Fannie W.

" are a great group...will let lots of friends of mine in SCC that you are playing there...."

Dorothy P.

"Everyone seemed to be having a blast. 4 new people were converted at our table, as they have never heard the band before. Great sound set-up, fun costumes and the band seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves. Keep up the good show and come back soon."

Donna B.

"What a refreshing band - bringing back the oldies with good memories and great for both the young and old......or young at heart!"

Mike W.

"Wow, "Oh What A Night"!! We had a group of ladies looking for a fun night out and did we get it. RB and the Gang were fabulous and kept us on the dance floor, "All Night Long"...the music is still in my head as you can tell. Great musicians and singers. Hope you are playing again locally soon!! Thanks again for a great night.."

Debi T.

"This outfit is more fun than a little bit! They open with songs we all remember and you'll be singing your lungs out in less than a minute. It's 50s and 60s rock & Roll at its' best. You look around and people are singin', shoulder boppin' and just having a great time.  The harmonies and solos are on point and the musicians' timing is great. They are one tight band.  If and when you get the chance to see and hear them, go for it, you will thank yourself for goin'..."

Rich H.

"The band was great last night!! The girls were exceptional singers and the music was great to dance to! ...overall enjoyed it great!!!! I will definetly follow this band whenever I can."

Sheila T.

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